Losing weight: errors and truths

Losing weight fast and effortlessly - that is what many diets promise. Tips and wisdom are omnipresent, but what is really true of the good advice? Does sport help against the rolls on the stomach? Can you lose weight while you sleep? Do carbs really make you fat? We've put together the most common weight-loss tips for you and tell you what the truth is and what the mistake is.

Without breakfast you take off faster

It is true that you can save calories if you miss a meal. The danger is, however, that after a few hours of cravings is packed and the temptation of unhealthy snacks then gives way rather. The cause of the sudden stomach growling is that the body's carbohydrate stores are emptied overnight, which lowers the blood sugar level. The body then demands replenishment and we get an appetite.

A vitamin-rich breakfast with wholegrain products will help you prevent a food cravings and start the day more efficiently. However, if you are not hungry in the morning, do not force yourself to have breakfast. Just drink a glass of juice or milk and take fruit with you on the go.

"Dinner-canceling" makes you slim

Again, skipping a meal can help with calorie saving unless calories are consumed at another time. Going to bed without dinner requires discipline, but it can be quite effective: By not eating, the nocturnal food delay is extended and the body has to resort to its energy stores in the fat reserves. So two to three times "dinner-canceling" per week can be an effective way to compensate for small sins and to keep weight.

However, a permanently reduced by more than 500 kilocalories energy intake favors the dreaded yo-yo effect: Because as soon as you fall into old eating habits, the weight has quickly reached the baseline, because the body throttled by the reduced food intake metabolism.

Sport alone is enough to lose weight

Exercise is considered a miracle weapon among weight loss methods - and for good reason: exercise burns calories and builds muscle with regular exercise. These help with weight loss, because an increased amount of muscle in the body increases the basal metabolic rate, which requires more energy even when at rest.

However, the desired effect occurs only when the energy balance of the day is negative: Who eats large quantities after the sport, the calories have easily taken back - that's faster than you think: by 30 minutes of jogging at medium speed you consume on average Just 350 kilocalories, that's about half a pizza.

Sit-ups give you a flat stomach

Unfortunately, fat burning can not be controlled through targeted exercises. Fat melts only when you consume fewer calories permanently than you burn. At which point the weight loss shows first, is different in each person and can not be influenced. Although sit-ups strengthen the abdominal muscles, no fat deposits disappear on their own.

Sweets and fast food are prohibited

From childhood is still well remembered: Prohibited things are particularly interesting. This also applies to "fattening" such as sweets, chips or favorite pizza. So you should not forbid anything, but observe some rules when sinning:

  • Quality instead of quantity: a high-quality praline tastes better and beats less than a whole bar of chocolate from the supermarket.
  • Enjoy without regrets: If you fancy a burger for lunch, treat it to yourself without a guilty conscience. Just look for the other meals of the day on a balanced calorie and vital substances balance.
  • Strategic snacking: Enjoy sweet rather than afternoon snack rather than dessert right after your meal: this will help prevent insulin from being released in addition to a rise in blood sugar between meals.

Light products help with weight loss

The inscription "light" in itself means only that a food contains less of a constituent such as fat or sugar, but also caffeine, alcohol or carbonic acid than usual. So "light" is not always synonymous with low calorie. Because especially fat-reduced foods often contain more sugar, so the taste does not suffer.

Therefore, you should always take a look at the nutrient information for Light products and check whether there really are less kilocalories contained than in the normal variant. If this is the case, light products may help you lose weight - provided you do not eat twice as much, because the lower calorie content seduces you to feast without a guilty conscience.

Caution is also required with sugar-free drinks with artificial sweeteners. Although a bottle of cola light contains no calories, in some people the sweet taste stimulates the appetite for sugary foods.

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