Losing weight and building muscle with amino acids

Especially with athletes an additional intake of amino acids is very popular. For muscles to grow faster and ultimately survive, proteins are also considered to be responsible. Bodybuilders or competitive athletes, for example, want to promote muscle growth and possibly improve their training results by specifically taking certain amino acids.

Promote muscle growth

In many cases, various traders offer athletes powder and drinks with the promise that their muscles will sprout from the amino acids they contain. Amino acids are essential for the body, but not miracle drugs. Without exercise, amino acids can not conjure up the desired muscle.

However, the right combination of amino acids in adequate concentration can be quite supportive. Especially after intensive training, the body is burdened much higher than before. Immediately after such a stress phase, the body is able to absorb about three times the amount of amino acids in the muscle than before. In the regeneration phase, all the necessary amino acids should be present in the blood in order to possibly support positive muscle growth.

Amino acids and fitness

Just right after training, athletes would find it an ideal time to add amino acids to the body. Even before exercise, taking additional amino acids may be useful to delay premature fatigue. However, experts recommend that you take nutritional supplements under close scrutiny and check the amino acid profile that is included.

At the same time it is advisable to drink plenty of water with the intake of amino acids, because the body can not use proteins in too large an amount. These are then excreted as urea through the kidneys. In order not to burden the kidneys unnecessarily, in addition to supporting their function, the body should be given an increased level of fluid at the same time.

Lose weight with amino acids

Not only for muscle building but also for losing weight, amino acids play an important role in the various processes in the body. Certain amino acids may possibly purposefully stimulate the organism to produce hormones that can help with fat burning. But just as mentioned during muscle building, no sorceries should be expected when taking off amino acids.

For weight loss, amino acids can help in exact dosage. The prerequisite for losing weight permanently and converting fat into muscle mass, however, is still physical exercise and a change in diet. Amino acids, which may have beneficial effects on weight loss, can be administered either directly to the body as a food or as a nutritional supplement in powder or tablet form.

Carnitine from the synthesis of the amino acid lysine is especially popular for losing weight. On the one hand, carnitine can promote muscle growth, but at the same time positively influence the burning of fat reserves in the body. In addition, the amino acid arginine is counted, which together with lysine can support the growth hormone. This converts sleep fat into energy during the regeneration process.

Feeling of hunger influenced?

The amino acid phenylalanine may have an effect on a hormone in the gastrointestinal tract, called cholecystokinin. This is involved in the feeling of satiation, which can also affect the feeling of hunger.

Also in the thyroid various hormones are produced, which also take over tasks in fat loss. For this purpose, these hormones are constantly enriched to the blood. Thus, they lead to an increase in the temperature in the body, to an increase in the cardiovascular system and a promotion of fat loss and thus also to an increase in the basal metabolic rate. In addition to iodine, the amino acid tyrosine is crucial for these important hormones to form in the thyroid gland.

Conclusion: Also in the field of nutrition and weight loss, it is necessary for the body that he regularly receives all the necessary amino acids in sufficient quantity.

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