Losing weight without sports: how it works!

Losing weight without sports is not easy - but with the right tips and tricks quite possible. Those who do sports burn energy and can thus easily get rid of unnecessary kilos. But even without sweaty training, you can let your pounds tumble. In order to lose weight without sport, it is essential that you are disciplined. Although you do not have to keep a strict diet, you will have to change your diet in the long term. In any case, you should not starve. We'll tell you the best tips on how to lose weight without doing any sports.

1) fruits and vegetables

If you want to lose weight without exercise, a healthy diet is essential. Make sure you eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. It's best always to keep a bowl of apple wedges, cucumber sticks or small carrots handy. Here you can access without a guilty conscience, if the cravings you raided.

Basically, you should eat vegetables better than fruits, because vegetables contain less fructose and therefore less calories.

2) Increase protein intake

To successfully lose weight without exercise, you should increase your protein intake to about 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. Protein-rich foods usually contain very little fat and are low in calories. Nevertheless, proteins fill you up for a long time because they cause the body to release more satiety hormones. Get more access to products such as low-fat poultry, fresh fish, eggs, buttermilk and yoghurt.

3) Drink a lot

Just as important as proper nutrition is that you drink enough fluids. If you want to lose weight without exercise, ideally it should be about three liters per day.

Take especially water and unsweetened herbal teas, because they have little or no calories. The liquid slows down the appetite and dampens the feeling of hunger, making it easier to lose weight!

Tip: Drink a glass of water before each meal, then the stomach is already filled and the satiety begins faster.

4) Avoid stress

If you want to lose weight without exercise, you should avoid stress as much as possible. Because of stress cravings can be triggered. In addition, those who are under stress often eat unconsciously alongside them or "reward themselves" for their hardships with an unhealthy snack.

If you're feeling stressed, take some relaxation exercises in between. Even a short walk can help clear your mind. So you can prevent food cravings and incidentally burn a few extra calories!

5) More exercise in everyday life

It does not always have to be sport - more exercise in everyday life can contribute to the pounds tumbling faster:

  • Instead of the elevator, take the stairs and walk on small paths.
  • For example, do not call your colleague on three offices, but go by in person.
  • You can also take the post office to the mailbox on foot.
  • If you travel to work by public transport, you can also use the roundtrip to get the last stop on foot or change to a bicycle.

6) Fat burners boost the metabolism

The term "fat burner" should not be taken too literally. No food will melt the flab just like that. However, certain foods can help you lose weight by stimulating your metabolism.

A good fat burner, for example, capsaicin - the pungent is, inter alia, in pepper and chili. The essential oils contained in cinnamon, ginger and juniper also have a digestive effect.

7) house cleaning

Even without sport, you can easily burn a few calories in everyday life: cleaning windows, vacuuming and ironing boost energy consumption. For example, with half an hour cleaning your windows you burn 80 calories, with half an hour ironing 100 calories and with half an hour vacuuming even 110 calories.

Gardening is also extremely effective: Anyone who plants bushes or flowers for half an hour burns a whopping 150 calories.

8) Laughter makes you slim

Not only with house cleaning, but also with other everyday activities, you can easily lose weight without sport. So fall through, among other things by laughing and kissing vigorously the pounds. If you laugh for ten minutes every day, you can burn up to 40 calories - that's roughly equivalent to a piece of chocolate.

In addition to laughter, kissing is also a real calorie killer: you can burn up to 20 calories per minute with an intense kiss.

9) abstain from stimulants

Who wants to lose weight without sports, should make a wide margin around luxury foods: For those who continue to sweet and greasy treats and alcohol attacks, it will have a hard time with the weight loss. But do not ban everything from one day to the next, otherwise frustration soon sets in.

Slowly reduce your stimulant consumption bit by bit, so that the body can slowly get used to it. In addition, treat yourself to something sweet every now and then to avoid food cravings. Then grab only a piece of chocolate and not a whole plate.

10) losing weight while sleeping

"Slender asleep" sounds tempting - but it's not that easy. Unfortunately, without diligence and discipline, the pounds do not tumble. However, you can support weight loss by eating the right foods at the right time. Especially important is the dinner: Do not eat too late in the evening and best abstain completely from carbohydrates. This will help you to ensure that your fat burning works optimally at night.

By the way: Those who sleep sufficiently, have less problems with the figure. So make sure you sleep at least seven to eight hours at night.

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