Obesity - Prevention

The more pronounced the obesity is and the longer it persists, the more difficult the therapy becomes. In addition, the consequences such as high blood pressure (hypertension) and arteriosclerosis in weight loss are not always reversible. Therefore, it is important not to let obesity develop or not to let slight obesity become obesity.

Healthy lifestyle is the alpha and omega

The most important factor in preventing obesity is a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet with low and healthy fat, high fiber and vitamins and low industrial sugar. Just as important as diet is regular exercise - not just temporary, but constant. The most suitable are endurance sports such as swimming.

Obesity: protect children early

Unfortunately, numerous studies on overweight and obesity have also shown that preventive measures in adults produce relatively little. They have more effect in children, especially if the parents support the change in life.

The first years of life are often influential - also in terms of lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise. Ultimately, prevention against obesity and obesity must therefore begin in childhood. It is therefore important that paediatricians are educational and that kindergartens and schools are included in the topics of nutrition and exercise.

Obesity: overweight despite diet

Of course, it is best to reach and maintain normal weight. Not suitable for this are diets that promise fast weight loss. Even if they work in the short term, they are more harmful in the long run than they are in fighting obesity and obesity. They may also disturb the natural appetite regulation.

Another unwanted side effect of short-term weight loss: As with a yo-yo, after losing weight the weight goes up as fast as before. Weight loss, ie weight loss, only makes sense, if at the same time a permanent change in lifestyle goes hand in hand. This includes a change in diet according to the recommendations of the DGE (German Nutrition Society) as well as the change in physical activity. This is the only way to create a negative or balanced energy balance that does not consume more energy than it consumes.

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