How can you glue acrylic glass?

Gluing is also part of processing acrylic glass. You can work with different adhesives from the specialized trade, but also develop your own solution approaches. You will then learn which adhesives to use and how to achieve efficient results when gluing acrylic glass.

Acrylic, plexi and PMMA stick

Polyester tape can be used on most adhesives that you use to glue acrylic (PMMA) because it does not dissolve. If you are not sure, put some glue on a test piece of acrylic. After bonding, the tape must nevertheless be removed as quickly as possible, so that it can not come through reactions to a compound of both materials. Some PMMA adhesives tend to bubble. The specialized trade offers as laboratory equipment small vacuum bells, which use running water to create a vacuum. Such a bell can be used on small components to pull such bubbles out of the adhesive.

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